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  • What is the difference between Granite & Quartzite?
    Whereas granite is an igneous rock found more abundantly than quartzite, deep in the earth's crust, providing the base for the many continents' sedimentary rock, quartzite consists of a larger volume of quartz than granite; under heat and pressure combined, quartzite is formed from sandstone and quartz, and with the amount of pressure undergone, empty grains of sandstone are stuffed with quartz. This means quartzite is actually harder. On the Mohs scale of hardness, from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, granite measures in at around 6-6.5, and quartzite measures in at approximately 7.
  • Is Quartz the same as Engineered Stone?
    Engineered Quartz it is also simply called Quartz. Engineered stone is man made with two major components: quartz crystals and resin binder. This allows to create different colors and uniform patterns.
  • Is Engineered Stone porous?
    Engineered Stone is non-porous, more flexible and harder that many types of natural stone. Quartz engineered stone, is less heat resistant than other stone surfaces including most granite, quartzite, marble and limestone just to mention a few, but it is not affected by temperatures lower than 150 Celsius degrees.
  • What is Rigid Core Floor?
    Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring is an engineered vinyl floor that has an enhanced rigid core construction for dimensional stability. A rigid core vinyl will be a solid plank that has less pliability, giving it a sturdy feel to install and under foot. This floor is an improved version of traditional vinyl floors that adds more of a wood floor feel to a vinyl.
  • Feautures & Benefits
    • 100% Waterproof • Rigid SPC Core • Over 60% Stone Content • Excellent Dent Resistance (5,500+ PSI) • VOC and Phthalate Free • Anti-Bacterial & Fungal Control • Unilin 2G Angle - Angle CONSTRUCTION Nominal Size: 7” x 48” Actual Size: 7” x 47.625” Thickness: 5.5mm Attached Pad: 4mm core + 1.5mmIXPE Edge Detail: Microbevel EZ Loc Finish: Natural Low Sheen Wear Layer: 20mil Embossed with Urethane
  • What is LVT Floor?
    Short for luxury vinyl tile, LVT is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood, yet provide many more practical benefits. Available in planks or tiles, LVT uses a realistic photographic print film and a clear vinyl layer that opens up a wide variety of design concepts. Even the most trained of eyes have a hard time distinguishing LVT from the products that it mimics.
  • What is Laminate Floor?
    Laminate flooring is a popular choice in the consumer market, and comes in a wide range of finishes from wood to natural so you can craft the look and feel of your room. This product is great for entry ways, hallways, and living rooms.
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