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Ceramics is a class of material which is semi-crystalline, amorphous and inorganic in nature.

Ceramics do not undergo a full vitrification process most of the time and remains porous if not glazed.

Ceramics has lower level of kaolin in it.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic made by the fusion of clays.

Porcelain is completely vitrified and is impermeable even before glazing.

Porcelain has a higher percentage of kaolin.

Ceramics has a higher water absorption rate.

Porcelain has a higher water absorption rate.

Ceramic is less expensive.

Porcelain is more expensive.

Ceramics is less durable when compared to porcelain.

Ceramics is less dense when compared to porcelain and, therefore, ceramic tiles are easier to cut.

Porcelain has higher durability.

Porcelain is heavier than ceramics, and their tiles are more difficult to be cut.

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